Alliance for Justice Challenges Forced Arbitration

Buried in everyday agreements for products, services, and jobs is fine print saying when you are harmed, you can’t go before an impartial jury or judge. See Alliance for Justice's documentary "Lost in the Fine Print" to learn more about how this practice undermines your civil rights.


Election Day Victories for Paid Sick Days!:

Paid sick days initiatives passed with 60 percent support in Massachusetts, 81 percent in Oakland, 75 percent in Montclair and 83 percent in Trenton. Over one million additional workers now have the ability to take time off of work when illness strikes without fear of losing income or their job. These victories come on the heels of recent wins in San Diego, Eugene, OR, the state of California, Newark, Passaic, East Orange, Patterson, and Irvington, NJ.

Mayor Announces Aggressive Climate Plan:

At the opening of the UN Climate Summit, Mayor de Blasio called for urgent action on climate change and announced plans for NYC to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in the next four decades. 

MapLight Launches Federal Lobbying Database:

MapLight's new database includes information on how much money organizations are spending, which firms are being hired, which issues are being lobbied on, who is being lobbied, and more. 


The AAAS’s “What We Know” report, sponsored by RFF, continues to reverberate and is cited regularly as a touchstone of credibility about the scientific consensus on climate.  A recent article in Salon uses the report to eviscerate the Wall Street Journal for allowing discredited and industry-paid advocates to continue to spread misinformation about accepted science in an Op-Ed piece.